Sierra de las Nieves, soon to be declared a National Park


The Sierra de las Nieves surrounding our vineyards is a wonderful natural environment and a true gem of biodiversity. Already declared a Natural Park in 1989 and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1995, it is about to be recognized as a National Park – one of 17th in Spain and the third in Andalusia.
The “Mountains of the Snows” offer a wide diversity of landscapes and ecosystems. But what truly sets it apart is the Pinsapo (Spanish fir), an endemic species to the mountains of Málaga, and a botanic relic from the Tertiary’s coniferous forests.
The National Park status will bring a higher level of protection both for this endangered species and its 6000 ha of forest (the largest surface in Europe), and the endemic flora, one of the most prolific of the whole Iberian Peninsula.
Besides the botanical richness, the other key feature of Sierra de las Nieves is a unique geologic landscape, showcased by an incredible geomorphological profile. The core of the mountain range is composed of clay, with impressive karst formations. An even more unique feature is the peridotite outcrops, a very rare magnetic rock.
The altitude range in the Sierra is reflected by a wide range of microclimates. Among other things, the Pico Torrecilla, highest point of western Andalusia culminating at 1919 metres, as well as some of the deepest caves can be found in the area.
It is also home to a rich fauna, with more than 150 bird species and some endangered animals like the mountain goat and the Bonelli’s eagle.
This wildlife and geologic richness is more than enough to include Sierra de las Nieves within the Spanish National Parks network… a procedure which had started almost a century ago!
This recognition will be a massive step forward for our community. First, it will allow the highest level of protection for the natural environment, both fauna and flora, and more especially for the iconic Pinsapo. It will also bring a new momentum to this rural territory with the development and promotion of green tourism, helping to counter the depopulation. Finally, the Park management by the central government will provide stronger efforts for the preservation of the local biodiversity, thanks to important technical and economic resources.


Serranía de Ronda, Málaga (Spain)

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